Green Mandala Foldover Bag


Africa Inspired Collection

This collection is based on bold festive colors and patterns

It reminds us of the garments African women wear in there everyday life and always looking so pretty and fulfilled!

That is what we want to achieve with this collection!

By #Yoursomeday bag today and feel that joy!!

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Οδηγίες πλυσίματος
  • Πλύσιμο μέχρι τους 30ºC
  • Στέγνωμα σε επιφάνεια υπό σκιά
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    Green Mandala Foldover Bag

    Material: 100% Polyester upper part, 100% Linen bottom part

    Color: Green with multicolor details

    Pattern: colorful Mandala

    Inner coating: 100% Greek fabric

    Closure: zipper



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